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Balinese massage is a full-body massage treatment. This massage uses a combination of tender stretches, reflexology, acupressure and aromatherapy to regulate the flow of blood and oxygen. It is a good massage therapy to choose if you really want to enjoy different massage techniques, require some help to relax, or if you are feeling low.

Deep tissue massage centers on realigning inner layers of muscles and tissues. It is extremely helpful for constantly tense and contracted areas like stiff necks, back problems, and tender shoulders. The main focus is on the innermost layers of muscles and tissue

Foot massage is the popular therapeutic method that focuses to encourage natural curing of our body. When your feet are soaking in the warm water with the mixture of natural herbs and essential oils, therapists will use a different pressure points technique to relieve tension and pain.

Swedish massage in Delhi is generally done using oil or lotion and can include stroking and warming of the skin to release tension and calm the body and mind. Swedish massage is extremely beneficial for increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood, removing muscle toxins, more circulation and flexibility while moderating tension

Reflexology massage is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic therapy for those suffering from ankle injuries or even daily work and play. Reflexology massages will not only help in easing toe pain or ankle pain, but can also reduce stress and anxiety.

Thai Massage includes elements of mindfulness, deep stretching, and regular compression to give a singular healing experience. In Thai Massage different yoga techniques are used to relieve the tension in surrounding muscles, which enables healing energy to move more freely through the body.

Ayurvedic massage gives a deep relaxation in the body and restores harmony and functional integrity. It is quite different from pressure point western massage and uses different types of medicated oils in long energetic strokes throughout the body

Medical massage is exceptionally helpful for the patients who are diagnosed with the problems of severe pain in back and neck. In addition, it also really helps in pregnancy time and can also heal sports injury.

Lomi Lomi and indigenous is the full body massage that will allow your body, mind and soul to relax. There is harmonization of the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual body and the dissolution of energy blockages

When you get tired from the hectic schedule of the office or remains busy entire day in domestic chores or any sort of work then body want to have relaxation and peace to get energy to initiate same cycle. And this could be done with Massage Center in Delhi which wipes away your body pain, relieves you from stress and tension and makes you more energetic and fresh with new enthusiasm and satisfaction

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